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NEW IN 2021-2022

Coming in May

The world-premiere staging of James DeVita's new play, told largely in Shakespeare's own words. It's plague time, and Shakespeare's characters are out of sorts (and out of work). Several of our favorites reunite at The Boar's Head Tavern to celebrate life, and ruminate on the state of the world. 


At American Players Theater May 27th - June 26th, directed by Tim Ocel. Featuring: Tracy Michelle Arnold (Cleopatra), Sarah Day (Mistress Quickly), Chiké Johnson, (Othello), Brian Mani (Falstaff), Melisa Pereyra (Juliet) & Ronald Román-Meléndez (Messenger).

Coming in June


This is a story you may think you know; a grand classic born on the backs of gods and warriors. But things are different in the Touchstone. In a thrilling reprise of APT’s 2015 production, Homer’s epic is razed and reborn through the heart of a war-weary poet. Bathed in bravery, blood and the heat of battle, the telling ravages our Poet every time. But there’s a reason he’s got the job. He may be able to make us understand. Maybe make us stop. History’s greatest battle whetted to a razor-sharp edge in a stunning night of theater.


Featuring Jim DeVita and Alicia Storin



Revisit Homer’s epic tale, distilled by one war-torn poet. Actor Jim DeVita takes us on a thrilling, wrenching tour of the Trojan War. The intimate Touchstone Theatre is an ideal space for this exploration of the contradictory conditions of glory and violence, and the human race’s seemingly endless fascination with war. 

Directed by John Langs.  June 25th - August 15th.

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