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  • James DeVita

2021 Revised Edition of BLUE

This story of BLUE started out many years ago as a single-page theater monologue about a boy in a bathtub pretending to be a fish, pretending to be something he felt he was, but had no idea how to go about becoming. The first publisher loved the story, but booksellers found it hard to shelve. What was it anyway? Magical realism? A fantasy? An adventure story? A magical comic adventure fantasy? YA? Middle-grade? A bridge book? Where does it fit in?!

Well, in the story, you'll see that Morgan refuses to fit into the ex­pecta­tions of his world, so I guess it was only natural that this book refused to fit into those of ours. I soon discovered, after the initial publica­tion, that there was no ‘shelf’ on which to neatly label and cat­alogue BLUE.

What prompted me to publish a second, and revised, edition was the overwhelming response I received from teachers, younger readers, and older readers alike. I was delighted to learn that the book was being used in classrooms, and beyond delighted to dis­cover that it was particularly embraced by younger students who were not considered to be ‘readers.’ I was equally happy to hear from older readers who connected with the larger themes running throughout the book.

“They can’t see what’s special about you, only what’s different. And that fright­ens them.”

So, yes, this book is not for everyone, but it is for some; and it is for those some that I have so enjoyed pub­lishing this revised edition of BLUE, a book that dives a little deeper this time. If you've read the book already, you'll find a few new chapters dealing with Morgan's home life. I expanded on the themes of acceptance and self-determination, fleshed out some of the minor characters in more detail, and nipped and tucked added and trimmed along the way. :)

The rewrite also afforded me some small solace dur­ing the 2020 Covid pandemic, which is still ravaging our world as I write this. It allowed me the opportunity to be creative during the time of this devastating plague, and during the equally devastating plagues of in­justice, hatred, and intol­erance which have been loosed within our country. The ignorance and indif­fer­ence of so many have been no less than soul-stag­gering. Yet, to humbly borrow from Sophie Scholl, every piece of art cre­ated, every painting, every book, every song, every dance, every poem, every act of beauty is a form of resistance.

I have had so many wonderful people help me along the way, and not just with this revision of BLUE, but with this mysterious and sometimes storm tossed sea-journey we are all of us on together.

Thank you to all of them--and to you.

Jim D

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