A Winsome Murder


A grisly murder in a pastoral Wisconsin town, Winsome Bay, proves to

be only the opening act in a twisting, darkening series of gruesome

deaths. Acclaimed already for his young adult fiction, James DeVita now

debuts an addictive, adult thriller that takes us from Chicago’s underbelly

to the Wisconsin woods.

In this fast-paced novel we meet a gorgeous waitress with a haunted past,

an author juggling a failing career and motherhood, and a hard-bitten

detective with unexpected inspiration from William Shakespeare’s bloodiest

plays—and nobody escapes the nightmare created by a psychotic killer of


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The Silenced


Marena struggles to remember the past: a time before the Zero Tolerance Party murdered her mother and put her father under house arrest. A time before they installed listening devices in every home and outlawed writing. A time when she was free. But it feels like the only thing the new, repressive government wants is to have Marena forget. When the Minister of Education, Helmsley Greengritch, cracks down on Marena's youth training facility, she knows she has to fight back.


In the spirit of her revolutionary mother, she forms her own resistance group the White Rose. With nothing but words and a hunger for freedom, Marena fights for what she knows is right, only to discover the ZT Party's horrifying plans for the country.


A thrilling story of resistance and the power of art, "The Silenced" draws upon the true story of Sophie Scholl and the White Rose group's resistance to the Nazi party.



Morgan is bored with his life. Nothing exciting ever happens in his house. He can calculate his parents' daily routine to the exact minute. He feels old before his time, with nothing to look forward to but more boredom.


Then one dreary Sunday, Morgan has a vision of a magnificent fish, a leaping marlin wild in the sea, a creature so free that it would rather die than be tamed. The dream (if dream it is) is so vivid, Morgan feels a shocking rush of strength and speed racing through his veins, smells the salt air, and tastes the electricity of an impending ocean storm. For one brief exhilarating moment, sitting in a cramped apartment on a city block where every building looks exactly like the next, Morgan is that marlin, and from that moment on, he begins to change.


A comic Metamorphosis for kids, this poignant, gently humorous, and highly original tale by actor, playwright, and first-time novelist James DeVita is a tender testament to following one's heart. Through a series of miraculous and sometimes ridiculous events, Morgan comes to understand that he has the power to be whatever he wants to be -- even a fish -- as long as he believes in himself.


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