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Theater for Youth and Families

James DeVita's body of work was awarded the  Charlotte B. Chorpenning Playwright Award
by the American Alliance for theater and education. This award honors a nationally known writer of outstanding plays for children, recognizing a body of work as opposed to a single play. 

A Little House Christmas

Based on the works of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Available through the Estate of Roger McBride.


Roles: 6 adult actors (3m, 3w); 5 young actors (3w, 2m)


Musical based on Lewis Carroll 's work. 

Book by James DeVita,

music and lyrics by Bill Francoeur.


Roles: Flexible cast of 9-25

plus chorus

Extras if desired.

many female roles

A Midnight Cry

“A moving historical drama  inspired by the true story

of a young slave's journey to freedom

through the Underground Railroad.”


Roles: 8m, 6w Plus 3 either gender.

Extras as desired. May be doubled to 5m, 3w.

Treasure Island

From the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson.


Roles: 10 adult, 1 young

A full length version and also

an 8 person, 60 minute touring version available.

Rose of Treason

The true story of Sophie Scholl and The White Rose,

a resistance movement against the Nazi regime started by students.


*Winner of the Intellectual Freedom Award 


Roles: 18m, 6w plus extras or 7m, 4w with doubling.

Looking Glass Land

Adaptation from Lewis Carroll 's work. 


Roles: Flexible cast of 9-25

Extras if desired

The Christmas Angel

 “A well-deserved visit from a very special, very quirky angel,

helps an even quirkier family rediscover

the true meaning of Christmas.”


Roles: 5m., 4w

The Prince and the Pauper

“Mark Twain’s classic tale comes to life onstage,

freely and masterfully adapted with dynamic female roles,

creative staging and a perfect balance of poignant

and hilarious moments.”


Roles: 19-50, minimum 12m, 7w

The Three Musketeers

Original adaptation freely based on Alexander Dumas’

"The Three Guardsmen."

Bambi, A Life in the Woods

Based on the novel by Felix Salten.

“An eloquent and haunting tale of growing up . . .

a superbly theatrical and sensitive work of theatre,

appealing to children and adults alike. 


*Winner of AATE Distinguished Play Award. 


Role: 4m, 5w with doubling or up to 13 (5m, 8w)

The Thief Lord

By Cornelia Funke

Adapted for the stage by James DeVita



CAST: 15 actors. 11m, 4f

6 Adults actors: 4m, 2f.    9 Young actors: 7m, 2f

Swiss Family Robinson

Adapted from the novel J. D. Wyss.


Roles: 7m, 2w

Trials: The Story of Joan of Arc, and Beth

“Two dramatizations on stage at the same time: 

The story and troubles of the historic teenager Joan of Arc

and the modern day teenager, Beth.”


Roles: 9w, 17m


Excavating Mom

“A Mother and daughter set out on an archaeological adventure

during which they discover not only the existence

of previously unknown dinosaur,

but also the existence of their own

previously extinct relationship.”


Roles: 4w, 3m


King Arthur, Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn

Available for Licensing through the author

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Other published theater material 

10 by 10

Ten top playwrights-for-youth write ten short plays

that illustrate important human values. 

Honesty. Family. Respect for life.

Truthfulness. Faith. Gratitude. 

Sanctity. And more.


Roles: 2m, 2w (if same actors perform all the plays);

30 or more actors if there is

a different cast for each play.

Original Middle School Scenes and Monologues



Contains more than 90 roles

created especially

for middle school actors.

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