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"At the heart of this powerful, one-character play is James DeVita . . . who delivers a mesmerizing, tour-de-force performance that will never be forgotten by those who witness it.  As Andy, DeVita captures the tough shell with which the grieving father protects himself, and the deep, everlasting pain bubbling beneath the surface.  DeVita’s performance is so real, so painful, so penetrating that you want to reach out and console him as you would a best friend."                       -- Showbiz Chicago

American Song

by Joanna Murray-Smith

Role: ANDY

Directed by Mark Clements

Milwaukee Repertory Theater, 2016

"James DeVIta gives an incomparable portrayal of a parent in agony,

a father in midlife named Andy."

                                        -- BROADWAY WORLD

"Stunning and powerful.

 a riveting and moving production."

"Provocative, daring theater . . .

not to be missed."

                  -- Showbiz Chicago

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