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Murder on the Orient Express

Directed by Peter Amster

Asolo Repertory Theater, 2019

"Glamorous. Enthralling from beginning to end."

                                                              -- Broadway World

"Mr. DeVita is brilliant as Poirot.   - quirky, calculating, savvy and charming. His mannerisms, mumblings and quick wit bring this character alive in a whole new way. You clearly see Poirot's soft side, enamored with a beautiful female passenger, as well as his shrewd analytical side - leaving no stone unturned and no passenger without conjecture. Bravo Sir."     -- Broadway World


Me and Ken Ludwig, playwright of Murder on

the Orient Express


Post Show discussion with Ken Ludwig and I.

"Murder on DeVita is the perfect Belgian detective as envisioned by Ms. Christie."

--Talkin' Broadway


Hercule Poirot

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