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Wall Street Journal Review

‘A View From the Bridge’ and ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’ Reviews:

"Better Than Broadway"


Role of Eddie Carbone

Directed by Tim Ocel


The Wall Street Journal  

"a masterpiece of sustained tension" and

"one of the two best Miller revivals I've ever seen."


"Every aspect of [Tim] Ocel's production is distinguished, not least Takeshi Kata's set, a near-abstract assemblage of wooden warehouse pallets that is appropriately stark and austere. But it is Jim DeVita, a 23-year company veteran, who catapults it into the stratosphere. Unless you frequent Spring Green, you probably aren't aware that he is one of America's leading classical actors. His performance as Eddie Carbone, the hardworking, easy-to-anger Brooklyn longshoreman who harbors an illicit passion for his innocent young niece (Melisa Pereyra), is replete with the same force and focus that he brings to Shakespeare. Had Robert DeNiro chosen to be a classical stage actor instead of a movie star, he might well have given a performance as good as this one.

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